Yann Saint-Pé

Director, cameraman, producer, dialogist, writer.

Maya Loréal

Development manager.
After graduating from the European Business School, ESCP, in Media Management, Maya worked for two of the largest TV channels in France M6 and CANAL +, before joining Trebel Prod in October 2014. As the person in charge of editorial projects, she is responsible for selecting documentaries and guiding authors on a daily basis.

Emma Enjalbert.

Associate /Executive Producer - Legal Affair
I have worked with crews of different professions and profiles. The different positions I held allowed me to gain organization skills, autonomy, sense of responsibility and to be able to adjust quickly.

Marina Clavijo

Production assistant.
Yann Saint Pé

Yann Saint-Pé was trained to screenwriting by Bernard Revon, the scriptwriter of the famous filmmakers François Truffaut, Claude Sautet and Roger Vadim. During about ten years, he escorts him, type his texts and assists him. He becomes his right-hand man.

From 1990 to 2004, he was the director’s first assistant of André Téchiné, Josée Dayan, Etienne Chatiliez…At that same time period, he wrote on his own his first two feature films Resurrection and The fifth season that were released first in the United States, then in the French theaters.

In 2003 he directed his first short-movie Ouvre c’est papa!, rewarded at the Berlin film Festival, in Grenoble and Mimizan, this short-film also received the quality award of the CNC.

Later on, Yann Saint-Pé started criminology studies and is fascinated by forensics. While being at it, he writes and direct a documentary TV-series (6×26’) Petit tracas des morts for 13ème Rue (french TV channel) and Portrait d’un légiste (52’) for France 5 (french TV channel)

His passion for cinema and documentary drove him to found TREBEL PROD in 2012, his own production company that focuses on developing documentaries and feature films.

In 2012 he directed twice for the cultural TV-show Culturz, broadcasted on France 3. The same year he directed Le cadre noir de Saumur a 90’ documentary broadcasted on Equidia.

In 2014 he wrote, produced and directed a documentary TV-series (6×52’) Roller Girls for the channel Planète+ A&E, of the Canal+ network.

Emma Enjalbert

I know how to create artistic and editorial content, but I am also able to understand the market and suggest new ideas, meeting the expectations of the audience and the needs of the TV channels.
Skilled at managing projects – Spirit of initiative – Rigor – Work methods – Ability to handle all kind of situations – Strong competences in analysis, ranking informations, maintaining and developing a network of professional connections – Persuasiveness – Ethics – Diplomacy – Good stress management